24 Hour Plays

Here it is!   The video from our 24 hour play.  Edited by Valeria Tannuzzi.  We had a BLAST and can't wait to do it again.

We're doing it again!

Last year, our Co-Founder, Val, got a small team together to do our first 24 Hour Play.  She selflessly produced by recruiting all the crew and talent, providing crafty, scheduling, registering, and all the little details that are less fun.  Further, she wasn't going to act in it, until we came up with a last minute addition for a support role to make the play more realistic.  We had a great team last year, with Ken, Tom, and Allen writing the script together Friday night.  Then Ken spent the night working on blocking so he could direct our actors in the morning.   Bright and early, Cree, Corey, Matt, and Kim came in to start working their lines and blocking.  Then Will joined us for the final production and graciously documented it on video.  We had an amazing time.  And while there are no awards in 24 hours plays, and trying to be unbiased, we really felt like we had one of the top plays performed, which is saying something, because we thought they were all really good and imaginative.

This year, Val gets to share the load of producing with Allen under their Vallen Productions, LLC, banner.  Hopefully the shared workload will allow them both to participate more.  Can't wait to see how it comes out.


Meet the Cast & Crew

Here's how the teams shaping up this round.  Keep in mind, in a project with this time crunch, these great folks are probably helping in many areas, and not necessarily on a lot of sleep.   Many more folks are helping uncredited.  It's this collaborative effort that excites us most about this production.

January 2017 Team