Our Passionate Purpose

To enable passionate people to produce quality art, that is as fun to consume as it is to create; in a sustainable, supportive, collaborative environment.

Our Core Values

  • Be Sustainable
  • Create Quality
  • Collaborate
  • Have Fun


The man behind the curtain

Head Shot - beard

Allen D. Edwards


Allen D. Edwards was born and raised in and around the Savannah, GA area.  He started his first business in 2002 and ran/created/bought several tech companies until he sold them all in 2012.   After working in private sector for a few years, he was introduced to film by being an extra in The Birth of a Nation in 2015.  Being a natural networker, he started to meet some really cool people and having a lot of fun in film and stage.  His first major acting role was as Bishop in Richmond Hill Community Theater's performance of Robin Hood.  He has been in several independent films, written numerous stage and teleplays, as well as other off camera work.   A fan of business and film, he saw Vallen Productions as a way to help people make their dreams come true, while having some fun.  Allen has two daughters, and also enjoys dance when he's not working in film or the technology field.

Where did the name come from?

In late 2016 Valeria Tannuzzi and Allen Edwards first came up with the idea of starting a movie production company.  In a partnership pitch Allen, off the cuff, mentioned a ship name of  "Val"eria + Al"len" to form Vallen Productions.  Valeria decided to persue other interests and ventures in mid-2017 but the name remained as a unique moniker already building brand recognition.

What about me?

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